3-Piece Bear Family of Four Rustic Metal Free Standing Lawn Statue


Cold Nose Creations brings you our original three-piece Bear Family of Four rustic metal two-sided free-standing outdoor art for lawn, garden, porch, or patio. These three original sturdy metal designs are made in Arizona, USA from American steel. Each is finished in a rich rust patina on all sides and a semi-gloss clear coat for clean and easy handling during packaging and installation. When exposed to the elements, the patina will age gracefully over time and continue to rust in the elements and will look beautiful in your yard or garden. If you do not want the pieces to continue to rust (e.g., for porch or patio display), the original satin finish can be preserved if desired, by periodically treating with a spray-on semi-gloss clear coat available at most hardware and discount stores. Each sturdy piece has a perpendicular interlocking base to make it stand completely on its own on porch or patio, without stakes. Four ringed tabs at the bottom or each piece make for easy permanent installation in grass or dirt with included 8in x 3/8in galvanized steel spikes which are easily tapped into the ground. Approximate Dimensions: 2 x Large Bears: 24-inches high x 36-inches wide x 17-inches deep, Bear Cubs (both together on one piece): 16-inches high x 36-inches wide x 17-inches deep.